Inside EVERYBODY there is a LEAN BEAN bursting to escape! So I recommend people to do this wonderful programme as this is not just for 8 weeks of your life but forever! I have seen my attitude not only to food change but towards exercise, sleep, the power of my mind and a completely new lifestyle! Thanks Steph for not only changing my body but my life as well!

Wendy, 47


Hi Steph I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying and benefitting from your Lean Bean programme. I’m 4 weeks in (half way!) and have so much more energy, I’m sleeping better, I’m thinking more clearly and I feel stronger! I’ve lost 8 1/2 lbs to date which I am delighted about! The food plan is great, I don’t feel I’m on a diet, I feel like I’m choosing how to fuel my body to achieve the results I want to achieve. I feel I am trying to hit targets, rather than being deprived! I really feel this is a plan for life. The HIIT exercise is really effective, and I’m loving working with weights, I can definitely feel a big improvement in strength and stamina. The information you provide on the food plan, the exercise and mindset are all spot on and your enthusiasm and passion shines through, and is inspirational. I can’t recommend you, or your programme highly enough.

Jo, 46

How many diets have I tried over the years? Everything going! Thank you Steph for showing me the road to change, and help me understand and work towards my goals. Who knew it could be this easy?! I thoroughly recommend you to anyone looking!

John, 33

Prior to meeting Steph I felt that I had a good working knowledge of nutrition and how best to fuel for my Triathlon training programme. After working with Steph she has re-educated my approach to both nutrition and training. I feel better, stronger, less fatigued and ready to train without lethargy. Better yet, I have new personal bests in my 5km run, 400m swim and a whole minute shaved off my latest Sprint Triathlon!

Ashley, 43

Look no further… The Lean Bean Program is the easy, responsible and sustainable way to look good and feel great whilst understanding how and why food and exercise can affect your body so that after 8 weeks, you can continue to achieve flying solo. Steph provides fantastic support and the positive input from fellow Lean Beans on the dedicated Facebook group has kept me spurred on. I have lost a stone over the 8 week plan, but most importantly I have learned how to fuel my body for a happy, healthy and energised lifestyle.

Jo, 37

Over the last few weeks I have started to enjoy exercise again and I am seeing my body change shape. I have learned the benefit of eating more protein and how it gives me energy and fills me up. I am much more confident about fueling my body for my busy life and getting fitter. Definitely recommend the Lean Bean program to anyone who wants to get their eating and exercise habits under control.

Olga, 53

The Lean Bean Program has transformed the way I look, feel, eat and exercise.

Steph’s daily information blogs and recipe ideas make sure you stay on track and have the information to carry on after the programme finishes. The exercise videos and variety of exercises make sure you don’t get bored.

Lillian, 66

The Lean Bean Program has given me the information and understanding of food to help me to take control of my weight and health. I’m delighted to already be a stone lighter! Thank you, Steph!

Liz, 49